University of California, Irvine Chinese Wrestling Shuai Jiao Martial Arts Class

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Welcome to the Chinese Wrestling Class.

This page is dedicated to the students who are registered or interested in Chinese Wrestling

offered at the Anteater Recreation Center in the University of California, Irvine.

Chinese Wrestling:

Sunday 9/27 to 12/06, 7:00 ~ 8:50 PM

Monday 9/28 to 11/30, 9:00 ~ 10:20 PM

$40 per quarter 

Located in the Sports Studio in Anteater Recreation Center.

Shuai Jiao, AKA Chinese Wrestling, is the oldest form of martial arts practiced in China. Discover ancient

battle proven techniques developed over thousands of years, now refined into a competitive sport.

Classes will teach gripping, throws, break-falling, and a myriad of techniques.

Learn from Guan Da He, a 2 time World Champ, 12 time Heavyweight Champ, former China National Team Coach, and current USA

Team Coach.

To register visit:

Click here to register through UCI ARC

Or call [949] 824-3738