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Shuai Jiao is a form of Chinese wrestling that focuses on motor skills and body movement. It teaches students

how to defend themselves in a safe manner while improving their overall body endurance, flexibility, and strength.

They will practice their ability to quicken their response time in any given situation.

Our program director is Coach Guan Da He. He is a certified national coach and a 12-time heavyweight champion in China!

Come join our class where students will build confidence and enhance self discipline.

Currently we have a youth and adult programs in FOUR locations:

Irvine, Orange County, California, hosted by Irvine Chinese School.  Click here for details.

Whittier, California, hosted by Southern California University of Health Sciences.  Click here for details.

Irvine, University of California, hosted by the UCI Recreation Center.  Must be UCI students to apply.  Click here for details.