Federal Determination Letter

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The International Shuaijiao Martial Arts Association’s is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.

Our activities will consist primarily of educating, training, attending and hosting tournaments to promote
various martial arts with an emphasis on Shuaijiao Martial Arts to the general public.

At ISMAA, we believe that everyone, child or adult, male or female, should have the opportunity to enjoy
Shuaijiao and Martial Arts.  Anyone who shows dedication and interest in our art is welcome to join and practice,
regardless of ability to pay.  Various at-risk youth, military and law enforcement professionals, low-income students
will be able to receive scholarships for membership fees and tuition.

In addition to competing and training, the organization also participates in demonstrations during festivals,
events and hosting seminars throughout the United States and the world.